Sunday, January 17, 2016

I Played: Creeper World 3: Arc Infinity

A challenge level in Creeper World 3. I assure you it isn't so complicated as it looks.

I stumbled onto Creeper World 3 during the recent Steam sale and I'm glad I did. It's a strategy game where you must stem the flow of the Creeper, a substance that threatens to engulf the entire map. To give you the long and the short of it, Creeper pours out of blue diamonds called Emitters slowly pooling and taking over the map with water physics. At the start of each map, you get to place your command center(s), build a network to provide yourself with power, and then use that power to build weapons and other useful tools to fight your way through the Creeper and seal the Emitters it comes from. If you'd like to see a full level and get a bit more of a breakdown on some of the tools available to you, here's a video of Quill18 playing one of the levels towards the middle of the story mode: Quill18's Let's Try Creeper World 3

Strategy games are a genre that always appeals to me because of the grand scale of the game systems, but I often find myself having trouble doing well in them. Creeper World 3 is exactly the sort of strategy game for me then, as you're able to take a leisurely pace with the levels and win in many different ways, even for someone who likes to play defensively like me. The story mode wasn't too long and the missions never felt stale with new mechanics or gimmicks showing up frequently. Once you're most of the way through the story mode, you open up extra game modes that contain more challenging levels which will really challenge your knowledge of the mechanics.

All groupings of challenge levels. There's a lot here to enjoy.
You can buy Creeper World 3: Arc Infinity from Steam or directly from the developer for $15.

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