Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Backlog is Out of Control

This was one of the coolest trips I made to eStarland.
Then, the next morning, this picture was on the front page of Reddit!
(tho someone else posted it claiming to be me, lol oh well)
Hi, I'm Mike and I have a problem: I have an out of control video game backlog. A chief cause of this is the fact that it is very easy to obtain video games of a relatively high quality for a relatively low amount of money.

For a lot of reasons, my new years resolution for the coming year is to limit myself to no more than five (5) video game purchases. This helps me cut back without going cold turkey, which is unthinkable in a year that will see Dragon Quest VII 3DS, Persona 5, and Zelda Wii U come out.

In order to help keep me in check I'm publicizing my attempt to work through my backlog of unplayed or unbeaten games. As I play through games I'll post here about the games I've played or am playing. I'm not sure how long these posts will be or how frequent since I have a new daughter who is taking up a lot of time right now, but I want to make them to help keep me honest. I can also stream some of these games if there's interest for that, so if that's a thing you'd like to see, please let me know either directly or in the comments below..

I have a Backloggery account that I'll be using to track all of my progress as well. Feel free to send me suggestions on what I should play next and I'll take it into consideration. There are still some games I have that aren't logged, mostly downloaded titles on the last generation of consoles and older Game Boy games, but they're pretty much all there. You can view my backlog progress here: JumbocactuarX27's Backloggery